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LS 105
Old Style IH Tractor Weight.

Color: Red Oxide...86
Weight: 70 lbs each
32 kg each

Old Style International Front Suitcase Style Tractor Weight.
Comes in red Primer ONLY
LS 107
Old Style IH Tractor Weight.

Color: Red Oxide...85
Weight: 100 lbs each
46 kg each
Replaces Taylor Foundry No. 407
Replaces: 148347C1 and 71200C1 and 383393R2

Old Style International Suitcase Weight
Comes in red primer ONLY.
Many applications including pulling tractors.
LS 514
International Tractor Weight Bracket

Color: Black...109
Weight: 60 lbs each

Fits old style International. Uses up to 8 each LS107 weights.  Call for more information.
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