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LS 512

Tractor weight bracket for many Farmall, Workmaster series.

Color: Black...89
Weight: 20 lbs each
Replaces: New Holland 718233006

Weight Bracket for N.H. Workmaster 45-55 and Case I.H Farmall Series A 45-55.

Tractor Front Weight Bracket.  Weight Carrier.  Case.  New Holland.
Weight 20 lbs each.
Fabricated Steel Bracket.  Gloss Black.
New Holland 718233006 (Aftermarket)

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Farmall 31-60, 30B-50B, 45A, 55A, DX18E-DX25E, D25-D45, DX21-DX60
New Holland
Boomer 30-50, Workmaster 45, Workmaster 55, Boomer 1020-1030, Boomer 2030-4060,
Boomer 8N, TC18DA-TC25DA, TC18-TC45, TC21A-TC55A, T1010, T1030, T1110.
T2410, T2420 and others.
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