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LS 510 C

Cast Iron Front Weight Support for John Deere

Color: Green...292
Weight: 120 lbs each
New Cast Iron Weight Support for John Deere

Fits JD 5000 series tractors with 10" mount hole spacing.  Pin Included.
Holds up to (10) LS 201 (DEERE R51680), (14) LS 202 (DEERE R58823), or (14) LS 200 (DEERE R127764) Suitcase Weights
New front weight bracket.  Weight Carrier. stk3292

Replaces R262449

Cast Iron
Weight 120 lbs
Brand New Item.  Color matched paint.
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Not all applications and models are listed,
John Deere Tractor(s)
5055E, 5065E, 5075E, 5085E, 5100E, 5090R, 5100R, 5115R, 5125R, 5067EN, 5090EN, 5101E, 5083E, 5093E, 5083EN, 5093EN, 5101EN, 5065M, 5075M, 5085M, 5095M, 5095MH, 5105M, 5105ML, 5225, 5325, 5425, 5525, 5525, 5625, 5100M, 5115M and others.
Must have 10" mount hole spacing.
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