Product Details

LS 404 O

Factory Type Kubota Tractor Wheel Weight.

Color: Orange...51
Weight: 175 lbs each
Will Stack
79kg each
Number of Mount Holes: 4
Mount Hole Centers: 11 ½"
Inner Diameter: 10 ¼"
Outer Diameter: 21"
Thickness: 3 ¾"
Replaces: Kubota M8126A

New Kubota M8126A Wheel Weight (Aftermarket) stk151
Weight 175 lbs
Brand New Casting.  Color matched. polyurethane paint.
Replaces OEM No. M8126A
Will Stack.

NOTE:  Many rims use square holes to mount weights.  Square holes usually require carriage bolts as an aid to installation.  Four or six square holes are common on many utility tractors.  This does not mean the correct weight will also have square holes.

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We also have a non stacking 350 lb version.  Click here to see our LS212-O

Kubota Tractor M5140, M8560, M9960, M5640SU, M7040SU, M96S, M108S, M95X,
M135X, L4350, L4400, L4850, L5450, M4030-M6030, M7030N, M8030, M4700, M4800,
M5400, M5700, M4950-M8950, M6800, M7060, M8200, M9000, M9000, M5780-M9580,
M5040, M6040, M7040, M8540, M9540, M95S, M105S, M105X, M60 series and many others.  Call for details. Other options available.
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