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LS 205 HY

Wheel Weight for John Deere Tractors.

Color: YELLOW...210
Weight: 500 lbs each
Heavy version of LS205.  500 lbs per side without stacking. 226kg each
Mount Hole Centers: 14 ⅝"
Inner Diameter: 13"
Outer Diameter: 28"
Thickness: 7"
Weight: 500 lbs
Requirements: 30" or larger wheels.

LS205HY  LS205Y  LS205   STK1210
New John Deere Wheel Weight (Aftermarket).
Weight 500 lbs each.
Brand New Casting.  Color Matched Polyurethane paint.
Many possible applications.

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Not all models and applications are listed.  Our most popular model for John Deere Mid Size tractors.  One pair and done for most applications.

John Deere
5045D-5055D, 5045E, 5101E, 5065M-5115M, 5125R, 6100D, 6140D, 6150M-6170M, 6105R-6125R, 6200-6500, 6215, 6715, 6230-6430, 6403-6603, 6120L-6520L,  7130, 7230, 7430 (Europe Ed), 7530 (Europe Ed), and more. 

430mm Bolt Circle
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