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Learn the Correct Wheel Weight Mounting Pattern for Your Model.
Wheel Slip Guide
"Careful management of ballast and tire inflation pressure can maximize tractive efficiency, minimize compaction, increase tractor drivetrain life and increase profitability." (Read More.)

Determining Mounting Hole Patterns for Tractor Wheel Weights.

To determine which tractor wheel weight will fit your model, you need to carefully check the hole pattern in your wheel that is typically used for mounting wheel weights.  These are NOT the holes where the wheel mounts to the hub of your tractor.  Usually, we can determine the proper weight for your tractor with the Brand and Model number of your machine.  We can also match weights if you know the OEM part number for the weight you are looking to purchase.  To measure your hole pattern, see the guide below.  These measurement scenarios are applicable to all brands of tractors.  Remember that some tractors have two different sets of mounting holes for different sizes of wheel weights.  Tractor wheel weights are almost always mounted with a three hole or four hole pattern.  Please give us a call if you need assistance.